Commercial Leasing

Legal advice is extremely important prior to entering into a commercial lease whether you are a landlord or a tenant because there is no such thing as a “standard lease”. Every landlord and tenant should ensure that their lease meets their particular requirements.

An unsuitable lease can leave a tenant in financial peril or a landlord with an unsaleable property. On the other hand a good lease can add value to your business or your land.


Tenants are often presented with the landlord’s draft lease “for signing” that often have up to 75 pages of complex clauses. Some of these clauses could seriously affect your business health and personal finances! We review lease agreements and provide advice so you know exactly what you are entering into and what your obligations are.


Landlords need to ensure that the lease contains the right clauses to protect their interests and give practical solutions in the event of tenant default or unusual events. For landlords we assist with drawing lease agreements to ensure that rights are protected and both parties understand their obligations under it.

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Riki Millard LL.B

Riki Millard LL.B

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